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sette-due in Italian means seven-two.

72 cm in architecture is a measure dealing with balance and proportion.

72 hours are a long weekend, enough time to get a basic, yet fundamental, knowledge of a city.

This is the time we need to know your micro-city (your apartment/a specific room)

and offering you a "picture" of the way we conceive it.

This e-approach wants to be an experimental way to operate as professional designers.

For us, design is a matter of guidance, of social responsibility, and people of settedue share a common vision of it.

Providing everyone with a basic design consultancy we believe is an ethical answer to everyday problems of people,

especially HK people: lack of time, money and social relationships.

Exactly, social relationships.

Because architecture is about helping people shape their homes and dedicate their spare time to the things they love.

Not spending an entire weekend in a furniture mall.






While living in mainland China it happens to be in HK here and then.

What captures your attention as you land in this unique city is how people get to live in such a small space, where you barely see the sun from your small window but you can clearly catch your neighbour while watching his favourite tv show.

You realise that an affordable flat has the same size of a bedroom in New Jersey and when you definitely move here the situation gets even more challenging: imagine a huge piano in your 300 sqft apartment.

Space gets even smaller, maybe it's time to find a solution.

Stefano Caglioni is the founder of settedue. 

Registered Architect in Italy he began his career in the construction field, working later in various architecture firms, mainly focused on interior design and medium scale projects.

His portfolio ranges from commercial to residential (with specific attention to re-use and renovation) and hospitality.

In 2014 he moved to China, where he completed several interior design projects as well as mixed-use developments.  

Residential design is his pure passion,

especially when home renovations can give people a better quality of life.


Stefano Biondaro is the chief-designer of settedue. 

Registered Architect in Italy, he started his career as an urban designer, strengthening his skills in mixed-use programs, with specific attention to malls and shopping centres design.

In 2011 he takes part in international corporate-design projects,  giving him the possibility 

of experiencing a holistic approach to architecture and challenging new markets in Europe and in Russia.

Currently, he travels between Italy and HK, cooperating with settedue, experimenting smart furniture solutions applied to corporate and residential environments.


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